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Aerohive Innovation

Back-to-back innovative product releases from Aerohive…hmmm.  Who would’ve thought that they would re-enter the innovation game after a 5-year hiatus. Not me, but I must say that I’m very pleasantly surprised. I had almost written them off, but it looks like someone or something breathed new life into the company, and I’m glad to see […]

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802.11ax Is Not

So much has been and will be said about the upcoming 802.11 PHY amendment called 802.11ax (hereafter just “11ax”) that I felt I needed to chime in to counteract some of the expected poor marketing. This blog is not about what 802.11ax is, but rather is about what 802.11ax is not. If you read the

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I readily admit that I could be all wet on this blog, so I have posed the title as a request rather than an assertion. I am going to state my current opinions on various aspects of 802.11ac Wave-2 technology, as it relates to enterprise customers, in the hopes that if I’m off-base, someone smarter

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The Need For Continual Monitoring

2.4GHz interference advances with the determination of General George S. Patton, perhaps with General “Chesty” Puller as a teammate. BYOD, IoT, and STUFF fuels the onslaught. Because of so many devices (Wi-Fi, other types of communication devices, and unintentional interference sources) being haphazardly thrown into the 2.4GHz band both now and in the immediate future,

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Measuring and Annotating Wall Attenuation for Predictive RF Site Surveys

Like all other “survey” related tasks, measuring and annotating wall attenuation starts with marking up a floor plan. While the tiny print makes Figure-2 a little difficult to read, hopefully an explanation of what you’re viewing will help you understand the tasks that were performed. Most experienced Wi-Fi engineers will tell you that there’s no

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