Class Description

WLAN analysis and remediation can take years to master due to the complexity of the 802.11 protocol, but a solid understanding of 802.11 protocol analysis is essential to designing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks. Nowhere will you get a better start than with the Divergent Dynamics WLAN Analysis and Remediation course. All parts of the 802.11 protocol PHY and MAC are covered in detail, including frame formatting, frame types, frame exchanges, and system configuration, as part of the CWNP Program’s CWAP exam objectives. This course focuses on the 802.11 protocol, where much of the classroom time is spent reviewing frame contents and frame exchanges using a protocol analyzer and learning to troubleshoot Wi-Fi network problems with a protocol analyzer. This course targets support engineers, field/systems engineers, WLAN consultants, and WLAN architects, and the depth of this course is extraordinary. You won’t get this depth of content anywhere else.

This course is offered in private-class format only.
If you would like for me to teach this course at your facility, please contact us for pricing and dates.