Class Description

Do you know how to assess the vulnerability of a network and to prevent attacks before they happen? Do you have experience configuring a Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS)? Have you implemented 802.1X/PEAP using RADIUS, LDAP, and an on-boarding system for BYOD? Today’s wireless network security professionals need a thorough understanding of the latest protocols, diagnostic tools, and trends. Security professionals are expected to advise on security policies, to design/deploy secure Wi-Fi systems across a variety of vertical markets and customer types, and to validate the security of a variety of Wi-Fi system types. The Divergent Dynamics WLAN Security course thoroughly covers all aspects of the CWNP Program’s CWSP exam objectives. Targeting network administrators, network consultants, and field/systems engineers, support engineers, and other folks who are familiar with networking, but new to Wi-Fi, this course covers an amazing amount of information in just two days. If your goal is to design, deploy, and validate enterprise secure WLAN systems, then this course is for you.

This course is offered in private-class format only.
If you would like for me to teach this course at your facility, please contact us for pricing and dates.