Dual-5GHz Radio APs

With client density continually on the rise, and more high-density use cases popping up all the time, it only makes sense to replace unused 2.4GHz radios with 5GHz radios in

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Primary and Secondary Coverage

For those of you who have attended an Ekahau ECSE course or my CWNA course, you will remember the discussions of “Primary” and “Secondary” RF coverage when using predictive modeling

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I readily admit that I could be all wet on this blog, so I have posed the title as a request rather than an assertion. I am going to state

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Hedge Fund Targets Aerohive

Aerohive has been doing quite well since their IPO. There are always areas for improvement, but all-in-all, I’m happy with the company’s numbers to date. Which brings me right to

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A New Generation of Wi-Fi Design

I have recently overheard the following in regard to “selling more APs.” “Let’s recommend two APs per classroom for more capacity.” “Just go with one AP per classroom. It’s easier.”

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The Need For Continual Monitoring

2.4GHz interference advances with the determination of General George S. Patton, perhaps with General “Chesty” Puller as a teammate. BYOD, IoT, and STUFF fuels the onslaught. Because of so many

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