802.11ax’s Achilles Heel

While there are some technical reasons to be excited about the soon forthcoming 802.11ax (hereafter, just 11ax) technology, it has one big Achilles Heel that must be considered by any

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Wi-Fi Throughput

There must be 10Gbps of Wi-Fi throughput hype out there, and I want to explain expected throughput for 11ac and 11ax WLANs in a way that is clear to everyone.

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Aerohive Innovation

Back-to-back innovative product releases from Aerohive…hmmm.  Who would’ve thought that they would re-enter the innovation game after a 5-year hiatus. Not me, but I must say that I’m very pleasantly

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802.11ax Is Not

So much has been and will be said about the upcoming 802.11 PHY amendment called 802.11ax (hereafter just “11ax”) that I felt I needed to chime in to counteract some

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It’s All About The People

My friend Keith Parsons and I are fond of saying, “It’s All About The People.” Because it is.  People and relationships are what’s really important in life, but everyone (including

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