The following professionals have endorsed the knowledge and services of Divergent Dynamics and Devin Akin. 

We have never seen such a thorough effort and such a well-designed network during our 10+ year careers at Ekahau, and we have seen hundreds of different designs. The level of detail that Devin has put into the work is handcrafted Wi-Fi design artwork. Devin’s work is so thorough and accurate that we have started using his network design as an internal reference to help us improve our application performance and usability in the Ekahau Wi-Fi Design Tools R&D department.

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Mikko Lauronen
Product Line Manager
Ekahau, Wi-Fi Design Tools Division

Devin is a well-known personality and leader in the Wi-Fi industry with many contributions in the technical and business realms. His deep knowledge of the fundamentals of RF and his unwavering commitment and passion for customer success has made him standout as a WLAN professional. His years of experience teaching WiFi fundamentals and then applying his knowledge to improve product and solution architectures as part of the vendor community make him uniquely qualified for his next pursuit – to implement these solutions and innovate with customers. I look forward to working closely with Devin and his team to bring the next generation of all-wireless experiences to our customers.

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Dominic Orr
Aruba Networks, an HP Enterprise company

There are few people or companies we’ve worked with that have technical depth and business breadth that Devin and Divergent Dynamics possess. With impeccable integrity, a sense of urgency, and a detailed understanding of technology and its use within a myriad of markets, Divergent delivers business value that others just can’t. Never technology for technology’s sake. Thoughtful analysis, business acumen, and the ability to actually get deliver what’s needed on time and within budget are the hallmarks of Devin Akin and the company he has built.

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David Callisch
VP of Marketing
Ruckus Wireless

Devin is among the three most well-known and most respected persons in the enterprise Wi-Fi industry. He is rightfully known as the godfather of Wi-Fi.

Devin knows his stuff: He’s super-smart, and has more Wi-Fi experience than almost anyone. He backs his strong opinions with facts.

Devin is social: He is a superb presenter, active on social media, and most importantly, Devin is a genuinely kind and helpful person with great sense of humor.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Devin for 10+ years, from back when he started the CWNP Program. For those of you not working with Devin yet: You’re missing out.

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Jussi Kiviniemi
VP, Wi-Fi Tools Division

Devin is one of the most refreshing individuals I have worked with in the past two decades. Full of positive energy and enthusiasm, Devin understands Wi-Fi technology inside and out. But to me, Devin’s most valuable skill is a deep knowledge and understanding of people and how they operate. He knows exactly what any given individual needs to succeed, and he guides that process expertly with a kind and sincere heart — a rarity in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world.

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Debra Knodel
Sr. Technical Writer
Aerohive Networks

Devin commands your presence with his own. He quickly connects to anyone with whom he comes into contact with alacrity and exuberance. Devin can hold the attention of one or one hundred with equal ease and moves mountains to make things happen when inclined to do so. The more compelling quality Devin possesses, however – the one which many may not see coming – is the strength he draws on, from the inside out, in leading with an unusual vulnerability of heart. It is with this powerful disclosure of himself, I feel, that those who are drawn to this dynamic man will remember him for the most.

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Susan Olesek
Founder, CEO
Enneagram Prison Project

The most important characteristics of an entrepreneur are passion, commitment, taking ownership and no whining. I was fortunate to work with such a person at Aerohive in its early days. Although he was not a founder, he truly demonstrated such characteristics as an entrepreneur. In addition, he demonstrated his profound technical knowledge and insights in WLAN space, both in theory and in practical deployment. This person is one of a kind, and his name is Devin Akin!

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Changming Liu
Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Aerohive Networks

Devin has a very dynamic personality. He is energetic about his work, and his passion for work is infectious to people around him. Devin is a strong advocate for wireless. He is very knowledgeable on current wireless technology and enthusiastic about emerging technology. He will bring a lot of value to any organization that he works with.

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Long Fu
VP of Engineering
Aerohive Networks

Devin is a whirlwind of energy fueled by practical experience and deep Wi-Fi knowledge, all wrapped up in incredible passion. Point him in the right direction, give him the tools and support needed, and things will get done. It was a pleasure working with Devin.

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Bill Hoppin
VP of Business Development
Aerohive Networks