Tom Carpenter, CWNE #104

Working with Devin Akin is like working with the energizer bunny with intellect. He will work without pause to deliver quality in a timely manner on any project in which he is engaged. As the leader of Divergent Dynamics, he guides the organization with ethics, energy and empathy for his clients. After 12 years of working with Devin, I can tell you that the items he touches lean into excellence and his energy and focus are unsurpassed.

Devin is the kind of individual you want around you if you want to work with someone who is technically deep but personally approachable. I’ve never seen such a combination of technical proficiency and sincere human kindness combined in any other individual. I don’t know anyone who has a great breadth and depth of knowledge – not only of the wireless standards, but of the wireless vendor equipment as well. In addition to the wireless knowledge that Devin possesses, he has a very fine tuned business mind and can recognize a good business opportunity when one is presented. He is definitely a resource I would recommend.