Reggie Pugh, CWNE #17

In 2003, I set out on an exciting and rewarding journey to become certified through The CWNP Program by investing in a little-known book at that time, Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA). I embarked upon this certification while serving as a Senior Enlisted soldier in the US Army at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). It is here that Wireless Local Area Networking (WLANs) was in its early infancy of accreditation for use in the Department of Defense. Ironically, through the book, I got to know and respect the professional expertise of Devin Akin. His ability to break down wired and wireless networking concepts as it related to 802.11 WLANs grabbed my attention so deeply that I made the journey to explore more. I am glad I did.

Through direct interaction in the forums with Devin and the classes offered by CWNP training partners, I obtained my first civilian job out of the military. If it had not been for Devin’s entrepreneurial and enthusiastic efforts, today I would not be in the position that I hold with a major global networking company with close to 50% market share in WLANs.  Devin took the time to mentor and mold me and others to a level of expertise that is world renowned. Devin ‘s technical and professional skills are well beyond that of what you get from books, classes, or social media. His talent is deeply instilled in the character of his genuine concern for every person that he encounters, and his leadership in this industry is deeply respected. We have forged a friendship and kindred passion for wireless that is forever.  He is the epitome of what any network engineer, leader…human being should strive to attain. I am deeply honored to call myself his friend.