Phil Keeley

I first met Devin as part of my interview process to join Aerohive in 2010, although as I have been in Wireless for over 20 years, I was well aware of his work. The interview was held in a local pub, as the office at the time was the International Directors garage! The fact that the interview lasted around 9 hours and ended up including lunch and dinner is testament to how interesting the conversation was – to we two kindred spirits in WiFi!

There followed a number of whirlwind tours around the UK over the next few years where I had the pleasure of watching Devin evangelise and educate Aerohive’s current and prospective customers and partners with enthusiasm and endless energy.

One specific example comes to mind as we were touring a large financial data centre when a random engineer – not involved with our visit – recognised Devin and pulled me to one side to ask “is that THE Devin Akin?? – can I meet him please!?” A long time fan of Devin’s written work, I introduced this engineer to Devin and made his year! In summary, Devin is a geek’s idol, an amazing presenter, and an all-around great guy.