Patrice Robert

I met with Devin during my time as RSM Middle-East at Aerohive Networks in 2012. Even if the first impression is good just meeting with Devin, don’t stop here, engage him in conversation. You won’t have to do any work for this step, as Devin will open the conversation if you don’t, and you will notice you then can speak openly about any subject.

While drilling down into business and Wi-Fi, I have to say Devin helped me a lot in trying to spread the word and develop the business. He’s also a never-ending knowledgebase, which makes it easy to cover all topics you could think of. I remember great discussions regarding high density in open areas. I learn alot from Devin.

We spent long hours on the road, all productive time, and the atmosphere was always extremely open and funny. Can’t wait to work again with Devin in the future!