Patrice Puichaud

Have you ever met Devin? If not, then you should give it a try. It’s a true experience. Devin has a natural capacity to transmit his enthusiasm to everyone. I have never seen someone always optimistic like him – he never gives up – whether he’s right or wrong (rarely). 🙂 Devin is a recognized expert in his area.  He is a well-known and recognized teacher and speaker, capable of making the most complex technical concepts easy to understand, both for network engineers and key decision makers. Devin is also an enterprise network specialist and understands how to design, deploy, configure, secure, and optimize WLANs. Every enterprise with a decent WLAN project should consider hiring a specialist like Devin. He has very strong experience with a variety of networking vendors, knows how WLAN equipment is built, and knows the specifics of each country. When I first met Devin, he had never traveled to Europe. He was afraid of everything in the old continent, and we had to accompany him to the door of his hotel room. He now speaks several words of French, Spanish, Dutch. That’s his ability to adapt. There are many Wi-Fi specialists in the world, and then there is Devin.