Marcus Burton, CWNE #78

I had the great privilege of working directly for Devin and learning from him for around 18 months. As a manager, Devin is exceptional. He manages people as individuals, tailoring his personal management style to get the best productivity from each employee. He finds a way to create a supportive and incredibly rich learning environment. I’m a much better person and technologist because of him.

Devin approaches Wi-Fi with breakneck passion. He will always work harder than the rest, finding a way to succeed despite any limitation. He’s creative, persistent, detail oriented to an extreme, and always, always, always coming up with new ideas. Devin will be a leader, innovator, and trend-setter in the Wi-Fi industry for a long time to come.

If that weren’t enough, his straight-forward style, integrity, and genuine concern for people make him a pretty likable guy too.