Kurt Marko

If you’re a business, you need Wi-Fi. If you have retail locations, customers demand it, but large office or small, your employees need it. But your business doesn’t involve understanding radio frequency interference, channel assignments, band steering or multi-stream devices. That’s where Devin Akin comes in. When it comes to wireless networks, he’s forgotten more than most so-called experts claim to know. If you’re watching the latest House of Cards in the break room, and your laptop buffers every time someone turns on the microwave, Devin knows why and can fix it. If a vendor tries to sell you on the idea of pulling fiber to every access point location in a new office, Devin can save you a pile of money. Don’t be fooled. Wireless networks aren’t as simple as connecting the coax to your cable company’s box. For business-class wireless that’s reliable, fast, secure and trouble free, you need Devin.