Joel Brooks

I manage the network infrastructure for a large school district in the Midwest. We recently engaged Divergent Dynamics, working with Devin Akin on a wireless consulting and survey project.

Our district has roughly 1200 access points distributed across 32 buildings. Our client base hovers around 20,000 and wireless has quickly become the absolute network resource for everyone.

We were seeking professional input and guidance for the future of our wireless infrastructure. Although our environment is quite stable, we continue to add client devices to our network at an incredible pace. The technology changes quickly and having a baseline to start with meant a lot. With the district initiatives of “one to one devices” taking hold, we saw the need to verify and hopefully improve our wireless infrastructure. We essentially wanted to future proof the environment and at the same time, get a grasp of budgetary needs for these improvements. With the all too common “hang an AP when the signal is abysmal” mentality, we wanted to meter our spending and only add access points where necessary.

Knowing Devin and his vast knowledge of all things wireless, it seemed the perfect opportunity for us to engage Divergent Dynamics. Having Devin audit our wireless infrastructure and provide us survey data on where we stand today has been very insightful. We now have the information we needed to solidify our wireless network and guarantee coverage for all our devices, in all areas of our facilities.

Getting Devin’s professional feedback and a project plan to move forward, were key in our project initiatives. I can honestly say, once we complete the needed changes presented to us by Devin, we will quite literally have the most robust and stable wireless environment in the Midwest… Possibly further!

I highly recommend Divergent Dynamics. It’s always a great experience when you deal with knowledgeable and professional consultants like Devin and Divergent Dynamics.