Jason Bawcom

I’ve had many opportunities to work with many smart, experienced, and technically savvy people, and there are a small handful that tip the peak of the bell curve as being part of the “elite”. Its also not often you come across a unique individual that can take a bucket of unknowns and mixed-up challenges and construct a visually flawless blueprint with carefully outlined instructions, that when executed, will lay the foundation for success of your business. Someone who gets it. Someone who knows how to listen and to comprehend your challenge or situation. Someone who is humble, and never makes one feel inferior about their technical knowledge or business acumen. I have found and have had the distinct pleasure in working with this “someone” who in my honest opinion is “elite”, and his name is Devin Akin. I’m thoroughly impressed with Devin’s abilities, and he is definitely someone you can rely on and trust. He was recently a critical component for a very large customer opportunity and when presented with the challenges, took it and ran with it. The project was literally a huge success, largely due to Devin’s contributions. I really look forward to our next opportunity to work together.