A storehouse of vendor and industry documentation and white papers. If you find a document that is not here, you can suggest that we add it to the library in the comments section below.

 White Papers

WiFi Vendor Video Stress Test (Akin)

Globalstar TLPS: You’re Kidding, Right? (Akin)

2.4 GHz is Dead: Abandoning the 2.4 GHz ISM Band for Greener Wi-Fi Pastures (Akin)

Protection Ripple in ERP 802.11 WLANs (Akin)

Robust Security Networks (RSN) and Fast BSS Transition (FT) (Akin)

802.11i Key Management (Akin)

The Triple Blendy – Multi-Channel Capture for Mobile Clients (Akin, et al.)

Design & Configuration Guides

Aerohive Design & Configuration Guide – High-Density Wi-Fi (von Nagy)

Aruba Very High Density (VHD) Design Guides (Lukaszewski)

Technical Presentations

WLPC 2015 – Lessons Learned from Levi’s Stadium (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2015 – Designing Very High Density (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2015 – Enterprise WLAN Behavior of Mobile Wi-Fi Clients (Thornycroft)

WLPC 2015 – WLAN Capacity Planning (von Nagy)

WLPC 2015 – Key Technologies and Protocols Impacting Wi-Fi Performance (Ketonen)

Cisco Live! 2013 – High Density Wi-Fi for Stadiums… (Swartz) (requires login)

WLPC 2016 – Under the Hood with MU-MIMO (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2016 – NextGen Wi-Fi Preview (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2016 – Metrology in Wi-Fi (Akin)

WLPC 2016 – Radio Resource Management (Akin)

NetScout – The Truth About 802.11ac Wave2 (Akin)

NetScout – Migration to 11ac (Akin)

NetScout – Predictive Model Accuracy Enhancement (Akin)

NetScout – Is AP-on-a-Stick (APoaS) Obsolete? (Akin)

Helpful URLs

iOS 8 Wireless Roaming Reference for Enterprise Customers (Apple)

iOS WiFi Network Roaming with 802.11k and 802.11r (Apple)

Roaming with 802.11r (Nayanajith)

WiFi Specifications for iOS Devices (Apple)

Helpful Tools

SSID Overhead Calculator (von Nagy)

Wi-Fi Capacity Planner (von Nagy)


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