A storehouse of vendor and industry documentation and white papers. If you find a document that is not here, you can suggest that we add it to the library in the comments section below.

 White Papers

WiFi Vendor Video Stress Test (Akin)

Globalstar TLPS: You’re Kidding, Right? (Akin)

2.4 GHz is Dead: Abandoning the 2.4 GHz ISM Band for Greener Wi-Fi Pastures (Akin)

Protection Ripple in ERP 802.11 WLANs (Akin)

Robust Security Networks (RSN) and Fast BSS Transition (FT) (Akin)

802.11i Key Management (Akin)

The Triple Blendy – Multi-Channel Capture for Mobile Clients (Akin, et al.)

Design & Configuration Guides

Aerohive Design & Configuration Guide – High-Density Wi-Fi (von Nagy)

Aruba Very High Density (VHD) Design Guides (Lukaszewski)

Technical Presentations

WLPC 2015 – Lessons Learned from Levi’s Stadium (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2015 – Designing Very High Density (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2015 – Enterprise WLAN Behavior of Mobile Wi-Fi Clients (Thornycroft)

WLPC 2015 – WLAN Capacity Planning (von Nagy)

WLPC 2015 – Key Technologies and Protocols Impacting Wi-Fi Performance (Ketonen)

Cisco Live! 2013 – High Density Wi-Fi for Stadiums… (Swartz) (requires login)

WLPC 2016 – Under the Hood with MU-MIMO (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2016 – NextGen Wi-Fi Preview (Lukaszewski)

WLPC 2016 – Metrology in Wi-Fi (Akin)

WLPC 2016 – Radio Resource Management (Akin)

NetScout – The Truth About 802.11ac Wave2 (Akin)

NetScout – Migration to 11ac (Akin)

NetScout – Predictive Model Accuracy Enhancement (Akin)

NetScout – Is AP-on-a-Stick (APoaS) Obsolete? (Akin)

Helpful URLs

iOS 8 Wireless Roaming Reference for Enterprise Customers (Apple)

iOS WiFi Network Roaming with 802.11k and 802.11r (Apple)

Roaming with 802.11r (Nayanajith)

WiFi Specifications for iOS Devices (Apple)

Helpful Tools

Wi-Fi Channel Simulator (WiTS)

SSID Overhead Calculator (von Nagy)

Wi-Fi Capacity Planner (von Nagy)


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