The following professionals have endorsed the knowledge and services of Divergent Dynamics and Devin Akin.

Mikko Lauronen, Product Line Manager
Tim Vanhatupa, Principal Research Scientist
Ekahau, Wi-Fi Design Tools Division

We recently had an opportunity to review Devin’s Wi-Fi network design work for a major hospital, which had many buildings, with many floors, across a large campus, and we must say that we were astonished at the quality of the design. We have never seen such a thorough effort and such a well-designed network during our 10+ year careers at Ekahau, and we have seen hundreds of different designs.  The level of detail that Devin has put into the work is handcrafted Wi-Fi design artwork.  It was unbelievable to see how he  managed to design a huge network plan, consisting of almost two thousand APs, with almost no CCI on the 2.4GHz band, yet still providing great coverage throughout the entire plan. Only true Wi-Fi masters can do that! Devin’s work is so thorough and accurate that we have started using his network design as an internal reference to help us improve our application performance and usability in the Ekahau Wi-Fi Design Tools R&D department.  Kudos Devin!

Dominic Orr
Aruba Networks, an HP Enterprise company

Devin is a well-known personality and leader in the Wi-Fi industry with many contributions in the technical and business realms. His deep knowledge of the fundamentals of RF and his unwavering commitment and passion for customer success has made him standout as a WLAN professional. His years of experience teaching WiFi fundamentals and then applying his knowledge to improve product and solution architectures as part of the vendor community make him uniquely qualified for his next pursuit – to implement these solutions and innovate with customers. I look forward to working closely with Devin and his team to bring the next generation of all-wireless experiences to our customers.

David Callisch
VP of Marketing
Ruckus Wireless

There are few people or companies we’ve worked with that have technical depth and business breadth that Devin and Divergent Dynamics possess.  With impeccable integrity, a sense of urgency, and a detailed understanding of technology and its use within a myriad of markets, Divergent delivers business value that others just can’t. Never technology for technology’s sake. Thoughtful analysis, business acumen, and the ability to actually get deliver what’s needed on time and within budget are the hallmarks of Devin Akin and the company he has built.

Jussi Kiviniemi
VP, Wi-Fi Tools Division

Devin is among the three most well-known and most respected persons in the enterprise Wi-Fi industry. He is rightfully known as the godfather of Wi-Fi.

Devin knows his stuff: He’s super-smart, and has more Wi-Fi experience than almost anyone. He backs his strong opinions with facts.

Devin is social: He is a superb presenter, active on social media, and most importantly, Devin is a genuinely kind and helpful person with great sense of humor.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Devin for 10+ years, from back when he started the CWNP Program. For those of you not working with Devin yet: You’re missing out.

Debra Knodel
Sr. Technical Writer
Aerohive Networks

Devin is one of the most refreshing individuals I have worked with in the past two decades. Full of positive energy and enthusiasm, Devin understands Wi-Fi technology inside and out. But to me, Devin’s most valuable skill is a deep knowledge and understanding of people and how they operate. He knows exactly what any given individual needs to succeed, and he guides that process expertly with a kind and sincere heart — a rarity in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world.

Susan Olesek
Founder, CEO
Enneagram Prison Project

Devin commands your presence with his own. He quickly connects to anyone with whom he comes into contact with alacrity and exuberance. Devin can hold the attention of one or one hundred with equal ease and moves mountains to make things happen when inclined to do so. The more compelling quality Devin possesses, however – the one which many may not see coming – is the strength he draws on, from the inside out, in leading with an unusual vulnerability of heart. It is with this powerful disclosure of himself, I feel, that those who are drawn to this dynamic man will remember him for the most.

Changming Liu
Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Aerohive Networks

The most important characteristics of an entrepreneur are passion, commitment, taking ownership and no whining. I was fortunate to work with such a person at Aerohive in its early days. Although he was not a founder, he truly demonstrated such characteristics as an entrepreneur. In addition, he demonstrated his profound technical knowledge and insights in WLAN space, both in theory and in practical deployment. This person is one of a kind, and his name is Devin Akin!

Long Fu
VP of Engineering
Aerohive Networks

Devin has a very dynamic personality. He is energetic about his work, and his passion for work is infectious to people around him. Devin is a strong advocate for wireless. He is very knowledgeable on current wireless technology and enthusiastic about emerging technology.  He will bring a lot of value to any organization that he works with.

Bill Hoppin
VP of Business Development
Aerohive Networks

Devin is a whirlwind of energy fueled by practical experience and deep Wi-Fi knowledge, all wrapped up in incredible passion. Point him in the right direction, give him the tools and support needed, and things will get done. It was a pleasure working with Devin.

Rob Mustarde
Xclaim Wireless

I have known and worked with Devin for a number of years. There are not many people who know more about Wi-Fi, so he is a great source of valuable information on that front. With his boundless enthusiasm, one thing Devin is not short of is an opinion, and when it comes to Wi-Fi, given his background & experience, that opinion is invariably accurate!

Veli-Pekka Ketonen
Founder, CTO
7signal Solutions

Devin has a tremendous talent to both educate and entertain the colleagues he engages, making him an extremely effective partner and consultant. However, make no mistake, his value is much deeper than that.  Devin possesses profound knowledge of Wi-Fi and networking. His depth of industry experience comes from serving on the management teams of several high profile vendors, as well as from being an active participant in many wireless industry networking groups. Devin’s deep passion for his work and great vision as a technologist ride on the leading edge and make him one of the most respected leaders in the space.

Michael Berg
Founder, Managing Director

I’ve known Devin since 2002. He’s truly an encyclopedia of knowledge about wireless technologies, and whenever I need help with some difficult technical concepts, I run to him or open his book. Devin always finds time to help, and not only do you get the right answer, but also new ideas, inspiration, and great humor!

If you want to smoke a good cigar, you think of Cuba. If you want a fast car, you think of Ferrari. If you want a reliable, fast, and secure WLAN, you think of Devin Akin. If you don’t, you should, because Divergent Dynamics is run by the brightest mind in the Wi-Fi industry, a person whose judgment is trusted by thousands of networking professionals all over the world and whose profound knowledge, ideas, and insights have been inspiring me for 15 years.

Lisa Phifer
Core Competence

Devin is a consummate wireless professional, well-versed in every facet of WiFi, from its capabilities and deployment to enterprise network and security impacts. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts in plain-speak and cutting to the core of any debate.

Kimberly Graves, CWNE #2
Education Services
Aruba Networks

Devin Akin of Divergent Dynamics is a very experienced and extremely knowledgeable WLAN Architect and Engineer.  I was lucky enough to attend one of Devin’s Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) classes almost 15 years ago, and since then I have worked with him over the years and in many different capacities.  As a trainer, mentor, competitor, colleague, and collaborator, I have seen Devin show the utmost professionalism and dedication to his customers and colleagues.  He goes above and beyond to make it right, in all instances.  His breadth and depth of knowledge in WLAN technologies and experience in the field is amazing, and he is constantly learning and seeking the latest and greatest technology.  His skill level in choosing the best technology and troubleshooting WLAN installations is outstanding.

Brian Long, CWNE #159
Director, Field Systems Operation

If you are looking for one of the most passionate, experienced Wi-Fi Professionals out there, then Devin Akin and the folks at Divergent Dynamics are your answer.  Devin’s technical knowledge, industry, business and financial experience provides him and his Team all the necessary tools to maximize the benefits of your Wi-Fi network and exceed all of your business’s needs. Whether you are looking to resolve a current Wi-Fi issue or interested in a brand new deployment or upgrade, give Devin at Divergent Dynamics a call.

Chris Lyttle, CWNE #156
Principal, Mobile Security

In technical fields most people have a set of mentors they turn to when they need help in figuring out the technology that is their focus. For me in the wireless field Devin Akin was one of my main mentors. His experience with working in Wi-Fi from it’s early days meant that I had someone who not only had a good fundamental expertise I could rely on, but he also had enough connections in the industry that I could rely on him to put me in touch with the right person I needed to talk to. All this Devin has brought to his new company Divergent Dynamics. If you need deep expertise and someone to help you figure out the latest in wireless technology, Devin and his company Divergent Dynamics are someone you can rely on.

Mike Leibovitz
Director of Mobility and Applications
Extreme Networks

Devin is a prominent and well-respected expert in the wireless LAN industry. Devin’s love for Wi-Fi is obvious, and his passion is only eclipsed by the depth of his knowledge.  Above everything, Devin works in a realm of supreme ethics that is rare to find. He takes care in his effort to assure the right thing is done, and drives results with a goal to exceed expectation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Devin and Divergent Dynamics in any scenario – the tougher the better for Devin!

Joe Bardwell
President & Chief Scientist
Connect802 Corp

Devin and I have worked together in the wireless network industry for many years. I trust his technical expertise and his detailed knowledge of the inner-workings of wireless network systems.

Yong Kang
Director of Software
Aerohive Networks

My work experience with Devin is unforgettable. He speaks with enthusiasm, and his vision for Wi-Fi keeps me excited.  His great attitude and work ethic motivates our company’s field teams, and his bold ideas inspire the impossible. I very much enjoy working with Devin, and I’m one of his biggest fans. Go Devin!

Vick Ehrmann
Proventure Networks

Devin Akin of Divergent Dynamics is at the top of the wireless industry.  It is hard to find anyone that knows more about the industry or cares more about educating others.  Whether it’s training or network design and integration, It would be difficult to find anyone better.  I value the opportunity I have had to work with him in the past and in the future and would recommend anyone to trust him 100%.

Julia Baldini
Independent Marketing Consultant

My first impression of Devin was giving him a hard time, and he took it with a smile and quip. Not easily flustered, I have had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Divergent Dynamics on several projects. Devin is a true leader. You can find this demonstrated by his insight into the industry, and the lengths he goes to understand, and coach, those around him. He inspires trust, and innovation wherever he goes.

Tom Carpenter, CWNE #104
Chief Technology Officer
The CWNP Program

Working with Devin Akin is like working with the energizer bunny with intellect. He will work without pause to deliver quality in a timely manner on any project in which he is engaged. As the leader of Divergent Dynamics, he guides the organization with ethics, energy and empathy for his clients. After 12 years of working with Devin, I can tell you that the items he touches lean into excellence and his energy and focus are unsurpassed.

Devin is the kind of individual you want around you if you want to work with someone who is technically deep but personally approachable. I’ve never seen such a combination of technical proficiency and sincere human kindness combined in any other individual. I don’t know anyone who has a great breadth and depth of knowledge – not only of the wireless standards, but of the wireless vendor equipment as well. In addition to the wireless knowledge that Devin possesses, he has a very fine tuned business mind and can recognize a good business opportunity when one is presented. He is definitely a resource I would recommend.

Rick Murphy, CWNE #10
Chief Technology Officer
Wireless Training and Solutions

Since 2005 we have worked with Devin Akin, currently of Divergent Dynamics.  He has earned our highest recommendations. As a wired and wireless network engineer, we have found Devin’s knowledge and skill sets to be of the highest level.  As a speaker, instructor, and subject matter expert, Devin is without peer, in our opinion. As a “Go-to-Guy” we know that projects and customers entrusted to him will receive the greatest attention to detail with a full commitment towards completing the scope on time and on budget.  We always receive comments of outstanding professionalism and workmanship from our customers following his efforts. Trusting Devin and his team with a project means that we can turn our attention elsewhere with no lingering worries.

Neil Macdonald
CWNE #113
Senior Technical Trainer, Ruckus Wireless

In 2008, as a newly-badged CWNT, I traveled to CWNP’s HQ in Atlanta for the new CWNA Train-the-Trainer class.  The man delivering the class was Devin Akin. Devin’s WLAN knowledge was mind-blowing, yet never intimidating. That week with Devin instilled in me the desire to be the best that I could be, and started me on a quest for WLAN knowledge that changed my career and life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And, 8 years later, I’m still at it. And 8 years later it’s great to know that Devin’s out there, pushing WLAN knowledge and professionalism, inspiring, mentoring, and leading.

Luiz Eduardo dos Santos
Technical Director, LATAM
FireEye, Inc.

Devin is probably the person who has the most exposure to wireless technologies available today. Due to his hard work in understanding all of these technologies, along with his extensive networking background and being extremely hands-on with the gear from probably all the wireless vendors in the market, he accomplished the goal of having one of the most respected vendor-free certification programs out there.

Pam Hawk
Chief Financial Officer
Hawk American Outdoors

Devin is a good businessman and from what I understand a brilliant Wi-Fi engineer. As CTO of CWNP Devin helps educate the world on wireless LANs and is tops in our book. He promotes and spreads the news of our product and others by including them in his training classes and assists in spreading that knowledge further recommending good products and solutions to others.

David Coleman, CWNE #4
Knowledge Services Manager
Aerohive Networks

Devin is my Wi-Fi guru. 80% of my Wi-Fi knowledge came directly out of his brain. It is a rare opportunity that I can return the favor and inform him about something in regards to Wi-Fi that he did not already know.

Joel Barrett, CWNE #6
Sr. Sales Engineer

Devin Akin knows wireless. He’s been a peer, a promoter of the wireless industry, and an excellent technical resource, but most importantly Devin is a great guy to know and a good friend to have. His knowledge of the wireless industry, protocols, and solutions is second-to-none and that expertise flows into his organization, Divergent Dynamics. When you need a wireless professional, Devin and Divergent are the resources to turn to.

Kevin Beaver
Information Security Consultant
Principal Logic

Devin knows more about wireless network technologies than I thought humanly possible. He’s a brilliant engineer and (obviously) a good businessman. He’s proof that if you immerse yourself in a topic, you can become an expert and a leader in that area in a short period of time.

Senthilraj Shanmugavadivel, CWNE #15
QA Manager
Zebra Technologies

I would call Devin the “father of wireless. “ As the CTO of CWNP, he helped the wireless community grow and shared knowledge by creating various certifications. Junior to Devin, I admire his knowledge, patience, and helping tendency.

Jay Ennis
Sr. Architect

Devin is one of the few people on the planet with such an extreme breadth and depth of practical knowledge and experience on wireless networking. Devin is an outstanding communicator, educator, and author. I recommend his products and services without reservation.

Greg Taylor, CWNE #71
WLAN Technical Design Authority
British Telecom

I have known Devin for many years, and his expertise and knowledge within WLAN is second to none. In many ways he can be considered one of the founding fathers of the evolution of Wi-Fi who has contributed so much to the technical community. Aside from his extensive knowledge in this area his professionalism and work ethic is nothing short of incredible. His name is well known among the industry as a leading expert and anyone fortunate to work with him will share the same sentiment. No matter what the challenge, Devin’s determination along with his resourcefulness will always exceed your expectations.

Keith Parsons, CWNE #3
Managing Director
Wireless LAN Professionals

Devin is a fantastic store of knowledge on how 802.11 works. The best I’ve ever seen! He is devoted to educating the world on wireless LANs and his energy and drive are apparent in all he does. Devin’s books are some of the best sources for 802.11 and have brought up a generation of WLAN professionals. Devin is a great guy to work with.

Holice Smith
Professional Technical Project Manager
AT&T Wireless

Devin has an incredible depth of technical knowledge in networking and combined with his communication skill set he is an effective leader in his industry and a valuable resource to have on your team.

Trent Cutler
Systems Engineer

I’ve worked alongside Devin in various capacities for several years, and I’ve always found him to be friendly, great to work with, and helpful – not only to me, but to everyone around him. Devin is a Wi-Fi industry pioneer, a thought-leader, and one of my favorite people in the Wi-Fi industry. I highly recommend you read his blog, whitepapers, and follow him on Twitter if you want to keep abreast of the latest technology and happenings within the industry.

Sean Boyd
The Beachhead Group

We have been working with Devin for the past couple of years in varying capacities and his knowledge and ability not only technically but also to understand the customers perspective and business impact has been impeccable. As a large specialist WiFi solutions integrator we need to be at the forefront of the technology and best practices. To that extent we use Divergent Dynamics as our expert reference point for wireless. Advanced training, in depth troubleshooting and highly complex designs are all areas that we refer to Divergent Dynamics for and there is no one better in the game.

Jon Amsler
General Manager
Stony River Technologies

Divergent Dynamics is our go-to source when Stony River Technologies needs a wireless networking partner.  Devin Akin’s knowledge provides our clients with the best solution when the challenges are not typical; there is no one who understands the Wi-Fi world better than Devin.  Partnering is easy with Divergent as well … they bring their expertise without big demands. SRT also is proud that we can use an MBE like ourselves without losing expertise.

Shaun Bender
IT Director
Sullivan Law Firm

Every now and then you come across someone who knows the technology, it’s history, and who stays current with the technology and industry. Devin is that person, and he’s an asset to anyone’s success.

Bradley Chambers
IT Director
Brainerd Baptist School

Divergent Dynamics is really in a class alone when it comes to understanding how Wi-Fi can impact your business. They understand planning, preparation, security, installation, and on going maintenance. Wi-Fi has gone from a “nice to have” and “plug it up and pray it works” technology to something that businesses, schools, and hospitals rely on for mission critical operations. Divergent Dynamics is uniquely qualified to handle everything from the meetings with the CFO down to actually making it work. The most expensive Wi-Fi deployment is the one that doesn’t work.

Steve McNamara
VP of Sales, Central
Aerohive Networks

If you ask Siri to define the word invaluable, she will give the definition: having incalculable monetary, intellectual, or spiritual worth. I truly feel this word defines Devin. The time I spent with Devin gave me countless experiences of knowledge sharing. Whether it be in a small group or a large venue Devin was able to personalize his speech in which you felt he was only talking to you and providing the answers you were seeking. From a sales perspective, Devin was instrumental in understanding the needs of customers and building a long lasting trust relationship. Last but not least, if you ever spent type with Devin you will definitely remember the Enneagram of personality. Having the ability to associate yourself with this conversation gives Devin a priceless memory with all who cross his path.

Adam Biesecker
Director of Business Development

Even an engineering and deployment powerhouse like GTS, can use some help every now and then. When we have had those Wi-Fi challenges, beyond our years of expertise and experience, we have called on Devin Akin and Divergent Dynamics to help us ensure our clients have the absolutely best Wi-Fi possible. Devin and the team at Divergent are the ones who have helped train some of our engineers and their knowledge of complex Wi-Fi is second to none. From our experiences in hundreds of healthcare facilities, educational campuses, military bases, massive sports venues, and virtually every environment out there; Devin’s team has been there for us if and when the environment called for the very best minds in WIFI engineering.  GTS highly recommends Divergent Dynamics.

Carter Burke
AccelTex Solutions

When you look at the WLAN industry, there are a few names that are synonymous with the history and explosive growth of this technology in the past 15 plus years.  I have been in the industry since 1998, and I do not think we would be where we are today without the vision and expertise of Devin Akin. He has truly been a pioneer and continues to be a strong voice in the future direction of the technology.  Whenever I have a tough question, I know I can call Devin to get an answer.

Paul Caldwell
Network Engineer

Devin Akin is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate individuals I have ever come in contact with regarding wireless networking. Devin KNOWS wireless, and he is someone you can trust.

Nigel Bowden
Owner, Consultant
Bowden Networks

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Devin a couple of times in his previous vendor roles and have nothing but praise for this guy. He has been supportive, enthusiastic, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable in all my dealings with him. He is one of my “got to” guys for anything wireless-related on both a technical and strategic level. If Devin’s talking about it and its wireless-related: you’d better listen. If Divergent Dynamics is selling it, you’re probably well-advised to buy it.

Tom Lichti
Senior Enterprise Inside Sales Team Lead
A10 Networks

I worked with Devin Akin at Aerohive for over 3 years and he was our Chief Wireless Architect. He is one of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the high tech industry period. He was a great mentor and leader to us in sales as well as all of our engineering staff. Easily one of the smartest guys I know.

Kurt Marko
Technology Consultant & Writer
Marko Insights

If you’re a business, you need Wi-Fi. If you have retail locations, customers demand it, but large office or small, your employees need it. But your business doesn’t involve understanding radio frequency interference, channel assignments, band steering or multi-stream devices. That’s where Devin Akin comes in. When it comes to wireless networks, he’s forgotten more than most so-called experts claim to know. If you’re watching the latest House of Cards in the break room, and your laptop buffers every time someone turns on the microwave, Devin knows why and can fix it. If a vendor tries to sell you on the idea of pulling fiber to every access point location in a new office, Devin can save you a pile of money. Don’t be fooled. Wireless networks aren’t as simple as connecting the coax to your cable company’s box. For business-class wireless that’s reliable, fast, secure and trouble free, you need Devin.

Brian Smith
Regional Sales Manager
AccelTex Solutions

Devin is one of the most respected wireless professionals in the industry.  His knowledge of the WLAN space is second-to-none.  He has demonstrated countless times how to design, fix, and deploy the most challenging of wireless environments. If you need a TRUE wireless expert, Devin is the one!

Victor Shtrom
Founder, Chief Wireless Architect
Ruckus Wireless

I have known Devin for more than 10 years, and he has always been a Wi-Fi thought leader, industry evangelist, a go-getter, and great to work with. I have great respect for his abilities, experience, and integrity, and I count him among my friends.

Jason Bawcom
SE Manager, US South
Ruckus Wireless

I’ve had many opportunities to work with many smart, experienced, and technically savvy people, and there are a small handful that tip the peak of the bell curve as being part of the “elite”. Its also not often you come across a unique individual that can take a bucket of unknowns and mixed-up challenges and construct a visually flawless blueprint with carefully outlined instructions, that when executed, will lay the foundation for success of your business. Someone who gets it. Someone who knows how to listen and to comprehend your challenge or situation. Someone who is humble, and never makes one feel inferior about their technical knowledge or business acumen. I have found and have had the distinct pleasure in working with this “someone” who in my honest opinion is “elite”, and his name is Devin Akin. I’m thoroughly impressed with Devin’s abilities, and he is definitely someone you can rely on and trust. He was recently a critical component for a very large customer opportunity and when presented with the challenges, took it and ran with it. The project was literally a huge success, largely due to Devin’s contributions. I really look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Warren Blackwell
Principal Engineer, Software and Systems Architect
Fluke Networks

As a Wi-Fi T&M software development professional, Devin has provided me with valuable end-customer and industry insight. When I need to “level up” my Wi-Fi game, I know I can always count on Devin to give me the real-world scoop.

Reggie Pugh, CWNE #17
Wireless Network Consulting Engineer
Cisco Systems

In 2003, I set out on an exciting and rewarding journey to become certified through The CWNP Program by investing in a little-known book at that time, Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA). I embarked upon this certification while serving as a Senior Enlisted soldier in the US Army at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). It is here that Wireless Local Area Networking (WLANs) was in its early infancy of accreditation for use in the Department of Defense. Ironically, through the book, I got to know and respect the professional expertise of Devin Akin. His ability to break down wired and wireless networking concepts as it related to 802.11 WLANs grabbed my attention so deeply that I made the journey to explore more. I am glad I did.

Through direct interaction in the forums with Devin and the classes offered by CWNP training partners, I obtained my first civilian job out of the military. If it had not been for Devin’s entrepreneurial and enthusiastic efforts, today I would not be in the position that I hold with a major global networking company with close to 50% market share in WLANs.  Devin took the time to mentor and mold me and others to a level of expertise that is world renowned. Devin ‘s technical and professional skills are well beyond that of what you get from books, classes, or social media. His talent is deeply instilled in the character of his genuine concern for every person that he encounters, and his leadership in this industry is deeply respected. We have forged a friendship and kindred passion for wireless that is forever.  He is the epitome of what any network engineer, leader…human being should strive to attain. I am deeply honored to call myself his friend.

Roslyn Rissler
RRR Marketing

I was a relative Wi-Fi newbie when I worked with Devin, and he was amazingly helpful in my education. He was endlessly patient in explaining the ins-and-outs of Wi-Fi operations, though he was often forced to use very small words. He was very available, always enthusiastic, and perhaps most important, genuinely enjoyed the technology.

Lee Badman
Wireless/Network Architect
Syracuse University

Devin has not only been a thought leader and mentor for many in the WLAN industry through the years, he’s also approachable and willing to engage. With Divergent Dynamics, you get the rare case of industry leadership and daily real-world practicing of the wireless craft. Given the growing importance of Wi-Fi in a variety of business settings and a mind-numbing range of technology options to sift through, I can’t imagine being in better hands as a wireless customer than to partner with Divergent Dynamics.

Fanny Mlinarsky

Devin is a knowledgeable, energetic, and dynamic professional with pioneering spirit and expertise going back to the early days of Wi-Fi.

Joanie Wexler
Wexler & Associates

I have covered the wireless industry for years as a tech editor, and a big chunk of my education has come from Devin Akin. Devin is one of the smartest people I know about Wi-Fi. His straightforward and objective approach to solving RF challenges is rivaled only by his enthusiasm, and it’s contagious.

You get everything you need in one exceptional package with Devin: deep wireless industry knowledge from a major multi-tasker who remains detail-oriented, while juggling multiple jobs all at the same time. He’s also a delightful and deeply engaging spokesperson, a prolific writer, and a heckuva fun guy to work with. In short, Devin is productive and accomplished, beyond knowledgeable about wireless networks, loyal and, last but not least, utterly hilarious.

Scott Williams
Managing Director
Wireless Training and Solutions

Devin Akin AKA “The Devinator” has been a very long time friend and business partner.  I have worked with thousands of WLAN engineers, owners, suppliers, integrators, vendors, and executives, but nobody can hold a candle next to Devin.  Even though we currently work for separate companies, I will always consider Devin an integral member of our team and would like to thank him for his continued support.

Eric Stresen-Reuter
Director, Technical Marketing
Ruckus Wireless

Devin is a MUST-have guy helping with your technical evaluations. His ability to bridge the technical gaps and to offer an objective opinion makes him stand out. Over the last 10 years of working with Devin, he has become a trusted advisor and sounding board for all things wireless.

Roy Verboeket
SE, Benelux
Aerohive Networks

Devin is by far on of the Best Wi-Fi specialists in the industry. His ideas and vision on Wireless LAN technology and the process of putting them in products are an asset to any company. I’ve worked and am still working with Devin. I call him my personal “Wikipedia” when I’m lost. Apart from the professional side, he’s a fun guy to do business with, and if you can keep up with his 80 mile per hour talking, you’ll actually learn things. 🙂

Elizabeth Burkhead
Marketing Management

Devin is an excellent resource for Wireless tips, tricks, and facts. Devin is alive and active Internet networker!  He is a connector, business partner, and friend.
 As, I rely on Devin to help me save the day.

Keith Charles
Chief Technology Officer

Devin is definitely the most knowledgeable technology person I’ve ever met. His personality compliments his professionalism. I will be honored to work with Mr. Akin at any time.

Gene Anderson
Owner, Consultant
Netforce One

I have known and worked with Devin on/off for several years on various projects. He has always been professional, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough in his work. He and I have collaborated and shared ideas and I have found him to be the “go-to” man when I have questions regarding WiFi or networking. It is my pleasure to be associated with Devin both personally and professionally. He is an outstanding asset on any project.

Criss Hyde, CWNE #13
Apple IT Trainer/Consultant
Cider Technology Services

Devin’s intense drive for correctness and integrity were inspirations and motivations for my own study in Wireless LAN. Our debates were wonderful. Devin is known and respected deeply in the WLAN field.

Jeff Jones
Professional Services Consultant

Devin is an absolutely tireless professional who will stop at nothing to achieve any goal he sets for himself, his associates, and his employer. I would consider him an expert in WLAN and LAN who either has the right answer when asked or will find it when necessary. Devin is also a fierce ally who, when on your side, will work to make you successful. In terms of integrity, he speaks the truth when asked his opinion, whether or not you will like to hear the answer. Devin has ALWAYS been there to assist/mentor me when I needed him.

Cary Chandler
Chief Marketing Officer
Consumer Education Services

Devin Akin is a force so pure and powerful that he should have his own elemental table symbol. Never have I seen so much passion, intellect, drive and compassion rolled into the same package. Devin is THE authority speaking for the Wi-Fi industry and he outworks everyone I know. When it comes to technological depth and curiosity he has no bottom. I highly recommend Devin as a Wi-Fi speaker, teacher, evangelist, analyst, consultant, Webinar drawing card, fun guy to be around and golf coach. His work at Divergent Dynamics is the most important and game changing of his storied career.

GT Hill, CWNE #21
Director of Technical Marketing
Ruckus Wireless

Devin is one of the most upstanding people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His resolve to get to the heart of a piece of equipment, project or any other task is unparalleled. Devin is an expert (to put it mildly) in the field of Wi-Fi but will listen objectively to any point of view or opinion without prejudice. He is in constant learn and evaluate mode and is never satisfied or complacent in his level of knowledge on the topic at hand. Please feel free to contact me for a personal recommendation.

Grant Moerschel
Sales Engineer
Cylance, Inc.

I’ve worked with Devin off and on for a decade and in that time I’ve come to realize that he is the resource for technically solid, business-oriented Wi-Fi network design. He is able to combine deep technical knowledge with operational pragmatism to produce products that serve business needs well. Devin inculcates high levels of enthusiasm into hard-core technology work. He’s smart and able, with a high level of customer focus. Problem solving skills are A+. Ability to absorb new technologies and figure out how they apply to business, again, an A+. Periodically I call on Devin for his advice and I’m never disappointed with what he comes up with. As a technology professional with 25 years experience, you come to value these rare individuals like Devin. Great guy. Highly recommended.

Paul Curto
Sr. Director, Business Operations
Aruba Networks

I have had the pleasure of working with Devin over the past few years at two companies. Devin is very sharp, and is rapidly becoming a key influencer in the enterprise WLAN space.

Devin has always served as a trusted advisor, helping companies chart out strategies from technology to user interface improvements to marketing. He also believes heavily in knowledge sharing, in making sure as many industry professionals are educated about standards and best practices as possible. He has done this primarily through his great work at CWNP, but he also does this in myriad ways through a tight network of industry veterans.

I recommend working with Devin to understand how the various CWNP programs can help your company from a marketing or training perspective. I also value Devin’s opinion on the rapid changes taking place today in standards, innovations, and technology.

Chris O’Donnell, CWNE #64
Mobility Solutions Architect
Cisco Systems

Devin is truly a authority on WiFi technology, and I am always amazed on how he keeps up with all revisions of the 802.11 standard – including every single amendment! It has been a great pleasure working with Devin on projects and I always learn something new when working and speaking with him. Devin has a special gift for taking extremely complex vendor and standards based material and converting that “mind numbing” information into something more mentally digestible. This is what makes him an incredible educator and analyst!  Devin is a critical resource and ambassador for the WiFi industry and surely has the “pulse” of this ever-changing

Bader Azzouqa, CWNE #18
Digital Forensics Services Manager
IT Security Training & Solutions

Devin is an outstanding engineer, teacher, and writer and he is the ultimate authority on 802.11 and related technologies. He has such a profound depth of knowledge in 802.11 that it is always both a humbling and inspiring experience to broach the subject with him. His passion for his work and unreserved commitment to educating the world about wireless technologies make him a key resource for the industry and a driving force that aims at advancing wireless professionals and vendors in the right direction. I have learned and continue to learn so much from him and I have a great deal of respect for him. Overall, Devin is a first-rate professional and person and I commend him for his devotion and contributions to the wireless industry.

Louis Cureau
Sr. Manager, Wireless Networking
FIS Global

Devin’s enthusiasm for wireless technology is obvious even in a casual conversation. The time and energy that he has spent in studying the details of wireless standards and systems makes him a walking encyclopedia for anything related to wireless. He is very respected throughout the industry and vendors often look to him to validate the testing and performance data of their products. In addition to his extensive knowledge, he is a person of integrity with an unassuming attitude that makes him very easy to work with. In my experience working with Devin, I have found him to be self-motivated and eager to help with a work ethic that is unmatched. He is able to communicate to all types of audiences regardless of the level of their technical expertise, whether an engineer or a CxO. His technical competence and integrity instills confidence and trust in everyone that he works with.

Robert Bartz
Owner, Trainer, Consultant
Eight-O-Two Technology Solutions

I have known Devin for several years and attended the very first CWNA class he taught in November of 2001. His knowledge of wireless LAN technology, attention to detail and commitment to the WLAN industry is truly amazing. I would highly recommend Devin as a technology speaker, wireless engineer or courseware developer. Devin is a valuable asset to the WLAN industry.

Ian Lever
Technical Director
Lever Technology Group

Devin is probably the most technically competent and authoritative person in Wi-Fi wireless networking that I have had the pleasure of working with. Devin’s drive, dedication, and his support of the Wi-Fi industry’s mission, are simply unsurpassed. Devin will without doubt continue to be a tremendous asset to any company fortunate enough to work with him.

Scott Daniel
Sr. Support Engineer
Aerohive Networks

I have had the privilege of working with Devin Akin for over a decade, and he is the most dynamic individual that I know. In addition to being one of the most accomplished engineers in the Wi-Fi market, he is also one of the hardest working, ethical, and trustworthy professionals that I have ever encountered. If Devin says that something will be done, he doesn’t stop until he has completed an engagement on time, on budget, and always with 110% effort. He embodies the word “dedication” and pours himself into everything he does.

Devin is a brand all to himself and truly gets how technology unites with business. He never shies away from explaining extremely technical concepts in ways that people can understand and has my wholehearted recommendation for pretty much anything that is put in front of him. He is the best engineer that I have had the privilege of knowing. I worked directly under Devin for over a year and can truly say that he is not only the best Wi-Fi engineer I know, but also a tremendous asset to any organization he works with.

Devin is “Good People”, and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Rick Bolan
Independent Network Consultant

If you want to know how a vendor’s product is supposed to work, ask the sales guy. If you want to know if it really DOES work, and HOW it works, ask Devin. Devin spent a day with my wireless team here at University of Michigan, and they learned more from him than in weeks of classes. He is the most knowledgeable individual in this field I have ever met, is incredibly good at transferring that knowledge to his audience, and he is the best customer advocate in the wireless space that anyone could ask for.

Will Schmied
Enterprise Network Storage Architect
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

I first met Devin way back in 2001 when the CWNA was still new and the company was still called Planet3. Having had the chance to both learn from Devin first hand in a classroom, and work with Devin on courseware and other training materials, I can honestly say that Devin is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met when it comes to wireless technologies. Ever. On top of that, he’s got a wealth of knowledge in Microsoft, Cisco and many other areas that have proved all too valuable time and again. I’d love the chance to work with Devin again or just have him teach me some more about WLAN technologies. If there were a hall of fame for wireless technology experts, Devin would be in it.

Wade Williamson
Director of Product Marketing
Vectra Networks, Inc.

Devin is plain and simple, an all-star in the industry. One of the few people out there that knows the technology, including the special sauce of each vendor and most importantly how people are really using that technology to solve problems. When Devin speaks, be sure to listen.

Ron Steiger
Executive VP
Arke Systems

In financials, the old expression was “when E.F. Hutton speaks people listen”. In Wi-Fi, that same adage applies to Devin Akin. He has an admirable passion for learning and staying ahead of this technology curve while defining as much of it as possible. Devin’s Wi-Fi people network is as robust as they come, literally thousands of wireless professionals know and respect him for what he has learned – knowledge is his power! Confidently sharing is his mantra and I have experienced this first hand.

Trish Bruce
Executive Assistant to Asst VP Research & Real Estate
Executive Director of Emory Innovations

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Mr. Devin Akin. Devin’s work ethic is stronger than most and is a constant example to those working with him. He constantly strives for excellence and this is reflected in the high quality of his work. Devin continually improves his skills while also furthering his own education on various topics that lends to keeping CWNP ahead of most businesses. He is an asset to any company.

Marcus Burton, CWNE #78
Product Management
Ruckus Wireless

I had the great privilege of working directly for Devin and learning from him for around 18 months. As a manager, Devin is exceptional. He manages people as individuals, tailoring his personal management style to get the best productivity from each employee. He finds a way to create a supportive and incredibly rich learning environment. I’m a much better person and technologist because of him.

Devin approaches Wi-Fi with breakneck passion. He will always work harder than the rest, finding a way to succeed despite any limitation. He’s creative, persistent, detail oriented to an extreme, and always, always, always coming up with new ideas. Devin will be a leader, innovator, and trend-setter in the Wi-Fi industry for a long time to come.

If that weren’t enough, his straight-forward style, integrity, and genuine concern for people make him a pretty likable guy too.

Robert Nicholas
Technical Publications Manager
Aerohive Networks

Devin’s ability to absorb the most esoteric technical concepts is astounding, and equaled only by his ability to provide them to others in an easily-digestible format, and to find practical ways to use them to improve current technology paradigms. A truly gifted teacher, Devin has given much to the world of technology in general, and to the world of wireless technology in particular.

Mark Elliott
Sr. Systems Engineer
Aerohive Networks

Devin is the final word on wireless technology and security. He is recognized by countless equipment vendors as the guru of wireless security. His advice and advocacy is sought by many product managers. I am always a much better engineer for my time spent in his classes.

Rodney Zarra
Director of IT
Michaels Jewelers

I had occasion to work with Devon during a CWNA class delivered at ADNET technologies. His professionalism and abilities as a communicator are matched only by his technical knowledge and skill. As both a trainer and an engineer Devin Akin is one of the best.

Della Lowe
Marketing and PR Consultant
EMMY Award winning Producer for Gulf War coverage, ABC News

Devin lives up to the values statements for his company. He is knowledgeable and hard working but understands that people are not machines and need some relief from the great stress that important jobs put them under. He is a delight to work with and understands not only diversity but also personalities. He allows each person to accomplish the goals of a project without micromanagement or insisting that everyone do things the same way. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

Ben Miller, CWNE #12
Course Director & Trainer, Wireless Curriculum
Global Knowledge Training

Devin Akin is a superb researcher and communicator.  Learning Wi-Fi protocols from him absolutely was a watershed moment in my wireless career. His attention to detail, desire to cover every angle and ability to answer questions provided me with a better experience than I expected, and taught me more than I even knew that I needed to know. He cares deeply about the future of wireless and pushes relentlessly for success on every project I’ve ever seen him associated with.

Greg Kamer
Sr. Systems Engineer
Ruckus Wireless

Devin Akin has been a great asset to me, as well as many of our customers. His knowledge of Wi-Fi, the industry, and his desire to help are clearly seen through Divergent Dynamics. This isn’t just a living for Devin; it’s his passion!

Joshua Wright
Sr. Security Analyst
Counter Hack

Not only is Devin Akin technically savvy, his ability to understand the wireless market needs and problems gives him uncanny insight into the trends and whims of the market. His foresight in understanding not only the wireless needs of today, but also the needs of tomorrow and beyond, makes him uniquely capable to deliver wireless solutions that last.

Phil Keeley
Principal SE
Aerohive Networks

I first met Devin as part of my interview process to join Aerohive in 2010, although as I have been in Wireless for over 20 years, I was well aware of his work. The interview was held in a local pub, as the office at the time was the International Directors garage! The fact that the interview lasted around 9 hours and ended up including lunch and dinner is testament to how interesting the conversation was – to we two kindred spirits in WiFi!

There followed a number of whirlwind tours around the UK over the next few years where I had the pleasure of watching Devin evangelise and educate Aerohive’s current and prospective customers and partners with enthusiasm and endless energy.

One specific example comes to mind as we were touring a large financial data centre when a random engineer – not involved with our visit – recognised Devin and pulled me to one side to ask “is that THE Devin Akin?? – can I meet him please!?” A long time fan of Devin’s written work, I introduced this engineer to Devin and made his year! In summary, Devin is a geek’s idol, an amazing presenter, and an all-around great guy.

Jonathan Hurtt
Principal Systems Engineer
Aerohive Networks

Its rare that you find someone with as much passion as Devin, and when you combine this passion and deep knowledge of technology, its a recipe for excellence. In the almost two years working with Devin at Aerohive Networks and the years following as a colleague in the Wi-Fi industry, I have been impressed with Devin’s willingness to educate and his ability to encourage those around him to strive for greater knowledge. The expertise that Devin brings to any discussion around technology is beyond valuable. These are traits that I feel will pay dividends to the Wi-Fi industry as a whole.

Dale Buckey
Owner, Principal Engineer
Wi-Fi Solutions

I’ve always had great success working with Devin Akin, even before he started his latest venture, Divergent Dynamics. With his new company, an unencumbered Devin is able to suggest the right Wi-Fi gear for all size and shape Wireless LAN projects. The combination of his knowledge (Devin was the author the Certified Wireless Network Professional training guides and exams) and his enthusiasm for the Wi-Fi industry, makes Divergent Dynamics the go-to group to use for planning and securing your Wi-Fi environment.

If you work in stadiums, healthcare, education, retail, or the financial markets, Devin and his team of experienced Wi-Fi engineers can help steer you in the right direction for your future wireless network needs. Feel free to contact me for insight on how Mr. Akin and his crew can help your organization.

Metka Dragos-Radanovic, CWNE#23
Knowledge Services, Sr. Technical Trainer
Aerohive Networks

I have more than 25 years of IT experience.  I started as an application programmer, became a DBA, system programmer, and network engineer, but I owe the best part, my wireless career, to Devin Akin. After a heartbreaking layoff from a long time employer, I cannot imagine where I would be today without Devin utmost care for every human being. Divergent Dynamics is Devin all over again, complete and honest care for every customer.

Victoria Mapar
Corporate Controller
Aerohive Networks

Devin is an effective leader, passionate executive, and his technical Wi-Fi expertise is second to none in every sense of the word. His energy and charisma build and bridge efficacy across Sales, Customers, Field Operations, Channels, Support, Engineering, Product and Technical Marketing with solid results and consistent customer happiness. He is a natural born Leader whose presence is felt immediately. I have had the pleasure of working with Devin for four years and have seen him in action captivating and engaging audiences and customers, with resolve and strategy.

Eric Wetterauer
Sr. Systems Engineer

It is my privilege to have personally met and spent much time working with Devin. He is in many ways a motivating teacher and energizing mentor. Every moment that Devin spends giving to the world of IT and WiFi is a moment that many lives are improved. He is truly one of a kind and a respected professional of the highest caliber.

Jess Ward
Director of Sales, Eastern Region
Aerohive Networks

I’ve known Devin Akin for over 10 years and I have yet to find a match in terms of unquenchable passion for faith, enthusiasm, work ethic, teaching, technology, and for winning. Devin has a deep knowledge of the WLAN industry, trends, and technologies and uses that expertise to execute on his vision. In working with Devin I have observed him to have the attitude of a teacher and an energy that is contagious. Those who are lucky enough to have him on their team, will benefit greatly from those passions in all their forms.

George Chen
Principal RF Architect
Aerohive Networks

I had the privilege of working with Devin for 3 years at Aerohive, Devin is a Wi-Fi evangelist who is deeply versed in the technology and its applications. He is friendly, energetic, curious, and articulate. Devin is a leading expert in Wi-Fi deployment and performance tuning, and he has a keen sense of the connection between network speed and the radio characteristics, his expert opinion often led to substantial performance improvements or major bug fixing.

Matthew Norwood
Solutions Engineer

I would be less of a wireless engineer if people like Devin Akin had not crossed my path. Whether it is advice offered for technical issues or just career guidance in general, Devin has been more than generous and never asked for anything in return. His knowledge of Wi-Fi is due in no small part to his passion for all things wireless, and one cannot help but get excited about wireless after spending just a little time talking with him.

Rob Pollock
Director, Channel Sales

I have worked with Devin Akin for the last 4 years while at Aerohive Networks and Xirrus. Devin’s has tremendous subject matter expertise in the wireless arena that encompasses all relevant wireless manufacturers. Together with his extensive knowledge of wireless technologies and building an effective network of channel partners, Devin is a Wi-Fi expert you can count on. His high energy, passion for the business and high level of integrity make him an ideal choice to successfully navigate the constantly changing wireless market.

Jason Bauer
Summit POS

This pas year I had the privilege of being the IT Project Manager for Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Tour.  This was a very challenging and demanding Project.  I needed expert knowledge and assistance with selecting the proper WiFi Solution for the Tour.  And this was no standard WiFi Deployment.  We were tasked with providing WiFi Infrastructure to thousands of Event Attendees simultaneously.  There were many challenges to consider and find solutions to.  Devin delivered.  And not just with the selection of equipment but throughout the entire Tour.  He was always available and had a genuine desire to see us succeed.  It was a great comfort to know that Devin was always a quick phone call away.  He was an integral piece to the overall success of the Project.  Truly grateful we crossed paths.

Troy McMillan, CWNE #14
Network Consultant
Kaplan Publishing
I have worked with Devin Akin in several situations over the past 10 years and found him to be not only the smartest guy in the room when it comes to wireless but also one of the nicest guys in the room, a confluence of traits that I find to be rare. He is also a great teacher/trainer as well as a fine writer of textbooks and learning materials. I look forward to the next time I have a chance to learn from this man.

Jimmy Donohue, CWNE #5
Wi-Fi Instructor & Consultant

I’ve worked with and known Devin Akin for almost fifteen years, and was first introduced to Devin through the CWNP program around 2001. Since that time, I’ve gained my CWNE certification, and consulted & taught Wi-Fi globally (BT in the UK, Skytel in the Netherlands, and Ascom in Switzerland). I’ve met hundreds of wireless professionals, and I would be hard-pressed to name any one of them as more knowledgeable than Devin. This is due in large part to his history of vendor neutrality, which has allowed him to keep his finger on the pulse of Wi-Fi technology as a whole and not just the latest/greatest from one vendor. My experience with experts in IT goes way back to1983 with IBM big iron, so I’ve been around the block a couple of times and seen my share of “flash in the pan” gurus. I’m taking the time to write this blurb for Devin, because he is the real deal guru.

Jonathan Rockett
Network Solutions Engineer

Devin Akin is Wi-Fi. Devin has been at the forefront of the wireless industry for over a decade and has set the default standard for wireless certifications and training. Devin’s professional and methodical methods in his field are unmatched by anyone in the industry, and his name is synonymous with wireless professional. From day 1, Devin is a trusted resource for me and with the large wireless deployments I’ve worked on, Devin’s knowledge and unique skill set has provided me the best tools for success.

Serdar Ergene
Director of Engineering
Aerohive Networks

I’ve known Devin Akin for over 4 years and worked directly with him for 2 years. He’s an experienced Wi-Fi professional with strong integrity and a passion for the industry.  His knowledge encompasses this industry from architecture, to low level technical details, to innate understanding of the market, customers, and future directions. I highly recommend Devin for any Wi-Fi professional services or consulting.

Peter Mackenzie, CWNE #33
Director, Technical Operations
MarQuest Limited

Working with Devin has always been a pleasure. His enthusiasm and passion for knowledge and truth set him apart from others in the industry. Devin has promoted best practices for design and administration across The WLAN industry, with many people and organisations benefiting from his evangelism.

Alistair Meakin
Director, Business Operations
MarQuest Limited

MarQuest counts some of the UK’s largest companies as its customers.  As experts in Wi-Fi we have had a long and valued association with Devin ever since his days at Planet3 (now CWNP). We have worked with Devin to develop several successful 802.11-based training projects in Europe and in advising organisations on strategic approaches for wireless LAN deployment. Devin brings a wide breadth of knowledge, attention to detail and experience to any organisation engaging his services.

Dale Swann
Sr. Systems Engineer
Aruba Networks

Having been a student of Devin’s work, and having the opportunity to work with him, to provide a scalable and secure mobility solution for an NFL team. It didn’t take me long figure out why Devin is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable Wifi architects in the business.  It’s about knowledge and passion, and I think Devin just has it in his DNA. I’m looking forward to following Devin’s career as he continues to be a visionary, and a force in the industry that really sets the benchmark excellence.

Ed Opalach
Area Director of Sales, Southeast Region
7signal Solutions

As Aristotle said, ‘Excellence is a habit.’ I have known Devin for many years. When I think of Devin Akin, I see this ring true. Recently, Devin described the Divergent Dynamics Mission Statement. His ideas made me think of the internal workings of a Swiss Watch. The concept was simple but it requires all different components to work seamless. No easy effort…I have no doubt he will pull it off!

Jimmy Tucker
Next Connect Technologies

I have had the opportunity to work with Devin over the last several years and he is a true professional. His knowledge of the wireless environment is nothing short of amazing.  He really understands all aspects of wireless technology and more importantly knows how to leverage that to create cost effective, seamless wireless networks within a vast array of vertical markets for business of all sizes. He has been an expert to NextConnect Technologies that we can rely on when encountering opportunities within the wireless environment to ensure we meet and exceed client expectations.

Tim Urquhart
Co-Founder, Owner
TURBO Data Networks

Being in the IT solution business for over 25 years, I’ve worked with countless bright & passionate IT professionals. Devin Akin stands out with his enthusiasm & resourcefulness.  I have always considered Devin head & shoulders above the rest especially when it comes to his in-depth knowledge and understanding of what makes wireless networking such a vital component in today’s world of network connectivity. I have relied on him as both a consultant and engineer in providing our clients with robust and secure wireless solutions. We share a common bond as military veterans and a level of professionalism in providing our clients with a commitment to deliver on promises made.  Devin has my recommendation and respect as a result.  Semper Fidelis.

Luis del Ray
Business Engagement Manager
Efecte Corporation

Devin is unambiguously the most savvy technology experts and one of the strongest storytellers I have ever come across in my 20 years of experience in the industry. He has an exceptional knowledge of Wi-Fi technology and architecture, and he excels at translating it into true value for his customers and audiences. With a superior level of knowledge and an incomparable enthusiasm and charisma, Devin immediately radiates trust and respect. As a trusted advisor, Devin is all about integrity and legacy, and therefore he will bring forward what you need rather than what you may initially want. Devin is a ball of Wi-Fi energy and also great fun to be around.

Patrice Robert
Regional Manager, Middle East
Aerohive Networks

I met with Devin during my time as RSM Middle-East at Aerohive Networks in 2012. Even if the first impression is good just meeting with Devin, don’t stop here, engage him in conversation. You won’t have to do any work for this step, as Devin will open the conversation if you don’t, and you will notice you then can speak openly about any subject.

While drilling down into business and Wi-Fi, I have to say Devin helped me a lot in trying to spread the word and develop the business. He’s also a never-ending knowledgebase, which makes it easy to cover all topics you could think of. I remember great discussions regarding high density in open areas. I learn alot from Devin.

We spent long hours on the road, all productive time, and the atmosphere was always extremely open and funny. Can’t wait to work again with Devin in the future!

Primož Marinšek
Principal WLAN Architect

Devin knows so much about WiFi that he created a certification body that became the de facto Wi-Fi certification for every WLAN engineer on the planet. He not only knows Wi-Fi, he walks on it.

Joe Fraher
Technical Publications Manager
Aerohive Networks

I am a technical writer and illustrator at Aerohive Networks where Devin was my manager for 2010 plus a few months into 2011. Before, during, and after that period, Devin encouraged and supported my work, even writing a blog to promote my written and illustrated creations. It was a pleasure working with him. Just as enjoyable, as well as informative, were his presentations about wireless technology. Devin is a gifted speaker and writer with a buoyant, bigger-than-life personality that comes through loud and clear in all he does. Combining his natural abilities with his deep technical knowledge makes him a persuasive communicator and a powerful force.

Dave Molta
Associate Professor of Practice
Syracuse University School of Information Studies

I’ve known Devin Akin since the earliest days of standards-based 802.11 wireless LANs. I was spending my time testing products and writing about Wi-Fi as a technology editor with Network Computing Magazine while he was toiling away learning the inner workings of 802.11, information he later shared with the world through his work as a co-founder of the company that created the vendor-neutral Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) program. Devin was the rare bird who had an advanced understanding of wireless technology and also a passion for sharing that knowledge with others. He was definitely one of my “go-to guys” as I tried to keep up with technical developments in Wi-Fi. As I shifted my primary emphasis to being an educator at Syracuse University, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in networking, Devin made his own shift into the WLAN industry, but he always made himself available to me and my students, something we all appreciated.

David Holeman
VP, QA & Customer Success

I have had the great fortune to work with Devin. His knowledge of the Wi-Fi marketplace and technology is not only wide, but also deep. He is an honest, trusted, and recognized industry expert who can best speak to the strengths and weaknesses of the options in the market place to help a customer find the right-priced and right-sized solution for your current and future needs.

Alfred E. Sermons
Senior Network Engineer
Villanova University

For the past 15 years, I have been one of the main Engineers here at Villanova University, responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of the campus-wide Wi-Fi network.  Our original, modest deployment of several hundred Cisco APs have presently grown to over 1500 Meru and Aruba network Access Points. I can honestly attribute much of the success and encouragement of my Wi-Fi career to Devin Akin. During my very first Wi-Fi class in Atlanta GA, Devin came in, spoke to the class, and painted a picture to us how exciting and important Wi-Fi would be in networking, just as when Ethernet exploded and changed the network world. I caught the fire, and over the years, Devin has been a mentor to me and a positive force in the Wireless industry. Just mentioning his name wherever I go in our industry causes people to immediately take notice. I will continue to look to him for leadership and cutting-edge information in our industry.

Frank Liu
Managing Partner
Discover Cloud 10

Devin has very deep knowledge and passion for all things wireless. Combine that with his integrity, ability to connect with anyone, and his intense energy and passion to do the right things, he is definitely someone that I am glad to have in my professional network.

Reese Williams
Customer Advocacy Team Lead, EMEA
Ruckus Wireless

I had the pleasure of working directly with Devin in the early stages of the development of the CWNP program. Devin is an inspirational person.  His energy is infectious, and his will to deeply understand everything there is to know about the 802.11 standards is equally contagious.
I have great faith in Devin’s abilities, because he is genuine, the real deal – I believe that Devin can be consulted on anything when it comes to Wireless Networking, as an authority and a mentor.

Criss Hyde
Apple IT Trainer and Consultant
Cider Technology Services

Divergent Dynamics is most fortunate to have Devin Akin. I met Devin ten years ago when I needed guidance learning Wi-Fi theory and practice. I read his books, sat his classes, exchanged hundreds of messages, and followed his career. I am a better IT trainer and consultant because of Devin Akin’s advice and friendship. I commend you to rely on Divergent Dynamics.

Stoney Tuckness
Business Development

Frequently when an expert reaches the pinnacle of their field, they will sit back and bask in their own glory. Not Devin. Devin is continuing to survey the wireless technology landscape to see how the latest trends, from IoT, to spectrum usage, to cutting-edge hardware offerings will affect the quality of the product the wireless community is trying to deliver. Talking just a few minutes with Devin, you can hear his passion for wireless and wanting to provide the best service and solution for his customers – and he delivers on that passion.

Devin is the expert that the experts go to for advice!

Hardik Ajmera
Sr. Product Manager
Extreme Networks

Divergent Dynamics is one of those technology partners whose business practices are built around designing a high-performance, reliable, and secure wireless network for their customers. They are not just selling Wi-Fi products, but more importantly ensuring that the solution is optimally designed to meet customer requirements. Devin Akin, who is leading the team at Divergent Dynamics, is a top Wi-Fi consultant and is extremely easy to do business with.

Andrew Garcia
Technical Marketing Engineer
Aerohive Networks

When I first met Devin in 2010, he already had a legendary reputation as a Wi-Fi thought leader, educator and ambassador.  Through his tireless efforts with the CWNP program, Devin played an essential role advancing the state of education and community knowledge about wireless networking. His work, in part, helped inspire me to pursue a career in wireless networking, whereupon I was fortunate enough to work with him for several years.  I count his mentorship and friendship among the most important relationships I have maintained in the industry. I can’t imagine a more knowledgeable, more relentless advocate to have in your corner.

Joel Brooks
Network Engineer
North Kansas City School District

I manage the network infrastructure for a large school district in the Midwest. We recently engaged Divergent Dynamics, working with Devin Akin on a wireless consulting and survey project.

Our district has roughly 1200 access points distributed across 32 buildings. Our client base hovers around 20,000 and wireless has quickly become the absolute network resource for everyone.

We were seeking professional input and guidance for the future of our wireless infrastructure. Although our environment is quite stable, we continue to add client devices to our network at an incredible pace. The technology changes quickly and having a baseline to start with meant a lot. With the district initiatives of “one to one devices” taking hold, we saw the need to verify and hopefully improve our wireless infrastructure. We essentially wanted to future proof the environment and at the same time, get a grasp of budgetary needs for these improvements. With the all too common “hang an AP when the signal is abysmal” mentality, we wanted to meter our spending and only add access points where necessary.

Knowing Devin and his vast knowledge of all things wireless, it seemed the perfect opportunity for us to engage Divergent Dynamics. Having Devin audit our wireless infrastructure and provide us survey data on where we stand today has been very insightful. We now have the information we needed to solidify our wireless network and guarantee coverage for all our devices, in all areas of our facilities.

Getting Devin’s professional feedback and a project plan to move forward, were key in our project initiatives. I can honestly say, once we complete the needed changes presented to us by Devin, we will quite literally have the most robust and stable wireless environment in the Midwest… Possibly further!

I highly recommend Divergent Dynamics. It’s always a great experience when you deal with knowledgeable and professional consultants like Devin and Divergent Dynamics.

Bryan Harkins, CWNE #44
Training and Courseware Development Manager
Aerohive Networks

I have worked with Devin Akin from Divergent Dynamics since 2001. He is one of the most knowledgeable networking professionals I have ever met. He founded and ran the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) program, which is the standard for Wi-Fi professionals worldwide. As a member of the Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) advisory board, I have seen his positive influence on the industry. Without his thought leadership, the Wi-Fi industry would be lacking the people to design, build and run the complex wireless networks that we all have come to depend upon.

Scott Turner
Green Building Education Services

I’ve known Devin Akin for nearly 20 years, and during that time I’ve seen him master just about every networking and operating system technology that’s hit the scene. The knowledge Devin has is crucial to anyone with a wireless project. He knows wireless the way people know how to breathe. Trust me, this guy knows what he’s talking about – so pay attention!

Jason Dantico,
Managing Principal
Quintas Security

Devin Akin is one of the most dynamic people I know. He is an exceptional leader, technically adept, and an outstanding trainer. I took away an incredible amount of information and a whole host of solution options after only a few hours’ time meeting with Divergent Dynamics. Divergent Dynamics clearly grasps the emerging trends and needs in the wireless arena and has set themselves apart from the other vendors. Devin and Divergent Dynamics made a huge impact on my how I thought about my go-forward strategy for my wireless implementation. Divergent Dynamics is an innovative provider of technology solutions and Devin Akin an industry visionary.

Sam Clements
Mobility Practice Manager, South

Devin has been providing top-notch WLAN related services to the industry for well over a decade. He fathered many of the best practices that are the foundation of tens of thousands of wireless networks installed today and he continues to be a thought leader amongst all tiers of WLAN professionals. His industry insight and guidance is invaluable asset to anyone that operates or has ownership of a wireless LAN today.

Tim Dennehy
Sr. Wireless Network Engineer
Aerojet Rocketdyne

Devin Akin is a great asset to the Wi-Fi community.  His leadership and technical expertise in Wireless LANs has earned him the title of CWNE #1.  I personally rely on Devin at Divergent Dynamics to pave the way for the rest of us, so we can follow him to the forefront of WLAN technology, and help us to the right thing for our customers.

Tim Bates
Sr. Sales Engineer
Aerohive Networks

I have had the pleasure of knowing Devin Akin over the past 10 years, both as a colleague and a student. During this time I have found Devin to be dedicated and committed to delivering the best result in whatever he undertakes. I have always held Devin’s’ knowledge and professionalism in high regard – particularly as an instructor. Most recently as CEO and Founder of Divergent Dynamics the training and industry knowledge shown has been invaluable.  I have also been privy to the analysis, documentation, and network remediation work provided by Divergent Dynamics and this is also of a high standard.

Dilip Advani, CWNE #43
Director of Product Marketing
Fluke Networks (AirMagnet)

Divergent Dynamics and Devin Akin rock!!!! I have been working with Devin for more than a decade and have always been impressed with his style, expertise, and unique knack of being on top of the “pulse” of the Wi-Fi industry, worldwide. When I think of a key influencer or a top integrator in the Wi-Fi industry to work with, Divergent Dynamics and Devin are among the first that come to my mind, without any doubt.

Joshua Bardwell
Sr. RF Engineer
Connect802 Corp.

Devin Akin’s knowledge of 802.11 is matched by few and second to none. He is sincerely passionate about WiFi and about sharing his knowledge of 802.11 with others. It was my privilege to co-author the CWNA Study Guide v3.0 with Devin, as well as work on the CWNA exam, and as an instructor in the CWNP training program. Devin’s dedication and technical excellence is inspiring.

Steven Glapa
VP of Marketing
Tarana Wireless

I’ve often heard Devin Akin described as a force of nature.  In the sense that the expression places him well outside the category of most people you’d ever meet, I agree.  His combination of energy, enthusiasm, mindfulness, direct honesty, insight, and depth of knowledge about how markets, people, and tech all work is unmatched.  Even better, he is a rare, fast, and true friend, and that is what really matters.

Tim Huggins
IT Director
Georgia Baptist Convention Center

Devin Akin has been an authority on technology for our organization and organizations like ours for many years.  When he has volunteered his time at our meetings to educate and consult on wireless for Baptist technology leaders from across the country, he has amazed our group with his passion and vast knowledge.  It has been a privilege to watch Devin grow into one of the leading wireless experts in the industry.

Ben Wilson
Sr. Dir of Product Management

Devin is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic guy. He has a knack of sifting through the fog to get to the main point of whatever needs to be discussed. He is well known and respected throughout the WiFi industry and can always be guaranteed to add value to any discussion in this arena. Devin holds himself to high business ethics and I would not hesitate in recommending his involvement in Wi-Fi projects and knowledge transfer opportunities. Having worked with Devin for 3 years (and known him for time outside of that), I can honestly say he brought vibrancy and enthusiasm to every encounter.

Jenni Adair
Director of PR, AR, & Social Media
Aerohive Networks

Devin is a very unique individual. He is passionate, spiritual, smart, honest, funny, loyal, opinionated, goofy, kind, and a very inspirational guy. I feel very lucky to know him, work with him. and call him my friend.

Brice Layton,
VP of Sales, Americas
Aerohive Networks

Devin Akin is ready to take on the world at 1000 miles per hour.  Devin’s core elements of faith, motivation, and moxie, make for a friend that’s fearless, tireless, and an overall winner!

Rob Pollock
Director, Channel Sales

Devin represents to best in the Wi-Fi market, an incredibly knowledgeable resource with an unparalleled passion and dedication to offering the best Wi-Fi solutions to the market while ALWAYS playing to win.

Paul Levasseur
Sr. Director, Knowledge Services
Aerohive Networks

Devin is a friend who is intelligent, loyal, fiercely dedicated, and constantly puts the company, and what he believes in, before himself.

Patrice Puichaud
Technical Director, International
Aerohive Networks

Have you ever met Devin? If not, then you should give it a try. It’s a true experience. Devin has a natural capacity to transmit his enthusiasm to everyone. I have never seen someone always optimistic like him – he never gives up – whether he’s right or wrong (rarely). 🙂 Devin is a recognized expert in his area.  He is a well-known and recognized teacher and speaker, capable of making the most complex technical concepts easy to understand, both for network engineers and key decision makers. Devin is also an enterprise network specialist and understands how to design, deploy, configure, secure, and optimize WLANs. Every enterprise with a decent WLAN project should consider hiring a specialist like Devin. He has very strong experience with a variety of networking vendors, knows how WLAN equipment is built, and knows the specifics of each country. When I first met Devin, he had never traveled to Europe. He was afraid of everything in the old continent, and we had to accompany him to the door of his hotel room. He now speaks several words of French, Spanish, Dutch. That’s his ability to adapt. There are many Wi-Fi specialists in the world, and then there is Devin.

Mark Powley
Director, Northern Europe
Aerohive Networks

Devin is THE man!  Sure, this is a very bold statement.  It’s also subjective.  So let me tell you… in my experience, Devin Akin delivers levels of energy and commitment that are unsurpassed. No matter what the task, whether a professional assignment or a personal ambition: Devin brings dedication, integrity and passion to achieving the goal.  It’s simple… he sets his sights high, checks the direction on his moral compass and then hits the throttle. Mission accomplished! With a wealth of experience gathered over many years, Devin’s presentations come packed with technical information reinforced by real-world anecdotes. A man in command of his subject. The mysteries of WiFi… all delivered in his inimitable style with passion and humour.

Meredith Torres
Director, Demand Generation & Programs
Aerohive Networks

Devin cares about everything – he’s passionate, hardworking, trustworthy, dependable, opinionated, knowledgeable, likeable, devoted, and excited – he will do anything to help this company and the people win, and I think we need more people like him.

Abby Strong
Director of Product Marketing
Aerohive Networks

Devin is an invaluable member of our team; he is a veritable whirling dervish of knowledge, feedback, and enthusiasm, without which our company would be less – less popular, less successful, and much less fun.

Michael Fox
Senior Director, North American Channels
Ruckus Wireless

Divergent Dynamics is a top tier Ruckus partner with a broad spectrum (no pun intended) of market-leading Wi-Fi capabilities. They focus on Wi-Fi performance optimization within high-density environments such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and trade shows, which maximize the Ruckus value proposition. That level of skill is a major asset in the Ruckus partner community and brings tremendous value to their customers. We know it’s going to be done right when Devin and the Divergent Dynamics team is involved.

Jeanette Lee
Director of Systems Engineering
Ruckus Wireless

Devin is one of THE go-to experts when it comes to all things Wi-Fi and related. His current subject knowledge, curiosity and capacity to learn more is amazing and always worth a listen.

Steven Bos
Network Specialist
Wentzo Wireless

While working with Devin, I’ve always respected his passion and dedication to achieving his goals. He’s never afraid to evangelize his ideas, even if they might sound controversial. I would highly recommend Devin to anyone who has a Wi-Fi related project, from designing a WLAN to writing a technical book. He’ll deliver it, the Devinator way! 😉

Sean Stanton
Sr. Territory Manager
Juniper Networks

Devin maintains an incredible business intellect while balancing fundamental relationship and sales skills to get big deals done. I’ve been operating in the Wireless LAN space since 2002, and during that time, Devin has always been one of the hinge pins within the industry and integral in helping to either form or steer many early-stage companies through inception, IPO and/or acquisition. Leaders go first. There are several thousand CWNA certified professionals in the world, but Devin was the first one. There is less than 200 CWNE certified experts in the world, a very prestigious certification, and Devin was the first. Devin is always first. He leads the way. This is why I love working with him and learning from him. He is a mentor, a coach, an industry expert, and a friend.

Scott Stapleton, CWNE #132
Sr. Wireless Engineer
Dimension Data

Devin was a founding member of one of the most important bodies in the Wi-Fi industry – the CWNP wireless certification program. Through this position he has played a pivotal role in helping to educate countless wireless engineers worldwide and this has resulted in the Wi-Fi industry being in a far better position than it would have been without his contribution. In addition Devin is also one of the most committed, honest and upfront professionals that you will find within Wi-Fi.

Anupam Upadhyaya
Sr. Manager, Market Strategy and Product Management
Cisco Systems

I had the pleasure of working with Devin at Aerohive. Devin is a passionate advocate of Wi-Fi and is a true wireless expert. He can always be counted on providing the right WiFi blueprint for deployments for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Roberto Minotti
Systems Engineer, Italy
Aerohive Networks

Working with Devin was a big opportunity. He has a solid technical background and he shares knowledge with simplicity. I felt his passion and enthusiasm and was inspired!

Rensley Pereira
Channel Sales Engineer

I have been working directly with Devin for over 3 years now, and it has been an immense pleasure to have met and learned from such an experienced and seasoned professional. Devin had a vision for the future of connectivity, and he took an early interest in WiFi. Then he worked with WiFi vendor companies evangelizing WiFi and its capabilities while always providing valuable input on how we can improve the product and make WiFi conveniently available at every venue, for every industry. I have been following Devin’s literature on WiFi over the years and it has truly helped me broaden my perspective on using it as a means of communicating with the end user. Devin’s in-depth knowledge of this technology is clearly evident in his writings and blogs and I hope his work invokes some great ideas for technology entrepreneurs to build the future of telecommunications through WiFi.

Sean Baioni
WiFi Specialist

I have been working in wireless for 17 years. It’s a complicated medium. I am famous for saying to many Carrier, Enterprise, and NEM customers that anything invisible (like wireless) is complicated. Divergent Dynamics makes the complicated world of wireless understandable, consumable, and an asset to any business looking to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging mobile.

Rick Dreger
WaveGard, Inc.

Devin is an accomplished professional and the best-researched person I know when it comes to wireless networks. It has been my privilege to know and work with him for over a decade, and in that time he has always been a wealth of knowledge of what’s coming next with Wi-Fi. He wraps these insights with a confident, affable approach that centers on communication and helping customers understand his recommendations. I look forward to continuing our business relationship into the future.

Hemant Chaskar
VP of Technology
AirTight Networks

Devin brings to the table not just technical expertise in Wi-Fi, but also an uncanny ability to apply it to solve the business problem. Clients working with Divergent Dynamics should benefit from his wholehearted mentorship. During my working with him, I was also impressed by his enthusiasm in evaluating new concepts and ideas that go beyond the status quo and bring new dimensions to the Wi-Fi technology and market. With him, you don’t just get a consultant, you also get a … hugging bear!

Kevin Beaver
Information Security Consultant
Principle Logic, LLC

I’ve known Devin for over a decade and have always held him in very high regard as the go-to wireless expert. He’s one of those hidden gems in IT and security because he’s not only super-technical but also a great communicator. Devin is a great guy all around, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a seasoned professional for all things wireless.

James Saarikko
Sr. Systems Engineer
Aerohive Networks

Devin is among the most respected professionals in the WiFi community. I have learned first-hand of his WiFi knowledge, but also his character. Devin has taken the time to help mentor my career in WiFi, while at the same time maintaining his own career. His knowledge in WLAN technologies are unparalleled, and yet he continues to strive for more. Devin is a friend, a mentor, and an outstanding Architect, and I would highly recommend Devin and Divergent Dynamics for any of your WLAN needs.

Matt Webb
Sr. Network Engineer

Devin Akin is my go-to guy when I need to know something WiFi related. Sure, Google will get you so far, but to really know the right way to build, optimize, and grow your WLAN, you need a comprehensive understanding of the technology. That’s when I go to Devin. Having worked in the WiFi industry for eight years, and I’m well-versed in WiFi technology.  I have met many people who are in the know, and Devin stands above them in my opinion. He’s the “clean air” in a noisy WiFi environment, and I value his input and feedback above all others.

Jeff Burke
Systems Engineering Manager
Meru Networks

I have known Devin since I started at Meru Networks almost 9 years ago. Devin is a thought leader in wireless networking, with the ability to instill his passion into all around him. I would definitely recommend Devin to any company wishing utilize his expertise.

Terry Hartsfield
Director, Technical Support
Aerohive Networks

Devin is one of the deepest wireless professionals I know. He has strong industry and wireless network knowledge, plus he has mastered the art of multitasking. He is a vibrant spokesperson, accomplished writer, and for sure a delightful person to know.

Eddie Ferero
Principal Engineer

Devin Akin is one of the most influential people in wireless networking today. Not only did he co-found THE industry standard, vendor neutral, enterprise Wi-Fi certification and training organization – CWNP – providing the groundwork for the knowledge and skills that are required for today’s wirelessly connected world, but he is also a natural teacher, mentor, and champion to others.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Devin. He is a gifted teacher who is able to break down complicated subjects and is a thoughtful and thorough engineer who takes pride in his work and technical skill. He is well-known and well-respected throughout the wireless industry and for good reason.

If you have any opportunity to work with Mr. Akin, I would advise that you take it!


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