Fluke Networks asked if I would do a video product review of the LinkSprinter 200, and if I would agree, they would send me a new unit that I could keep. It turns out that was a pretty sweet deal for me…and very brave of them. They must’ve been fairly confident in their product to risk having me reviewing it…as I’m known far-and-wide for overly-honest feedback. A free unit ($299 value) that I will get years of use out of, for 4 hours of my time doing something fun?…uh, yes…count me in.

The unit worked so well, and the entire setup process was so painless, that making the video was easy. Granted, I have zero videography skills, and that will become apparent when you begin watching the video. I used an iPad Mini to film the entire thing, and considering how the video looks, I will likely go for a decent video camera next time around. 🙂 The voice amplitude differential between the filming of Devinator-the-large and the Voice-over-PPT is hideous. Nevertheless, you have the raw, unfiltered, first-take video footage of the entire thing, which some people find more “real”…and I’m all about keepin’ it real. #JustSayin I’m a Wi-Fi Network Engineer with limited creativity (though my “between clips” countdown isn’t completely horrible), so I didn’t bother repeatedly redoing the footage trying to make it look “just so”. Compared to professional videographers like my friends Ryan Adzima and Robert Nicholas, my video looks like it was filmed in a basement by a video-dufus….oh wait, it was. 🙂 So, without further ado, here’s the product review video.

I can assure you of one thing: if the product would’ve sucked, I would’ve been professional, yet harsh. Fluke hit a home run with the LinkSprinter, and I’m proud to have one in my handy-dandy work backpack.

So why are you still sitting there reading this blog? It’s time to buy one here…now.

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LinkSprinter (Product Review)