On June 26th and July 24th, I will be presenting a two-part series on the Internet of Things (IoT).

The first presentation, titled IoT Unplugged, will introduce and define the categories of IoT, will introduce some very interesting products in the IoT space, will cover the timeframes and scope of IoT devices entering the market, and of course will talk about the network impact that administrators should be preparing for now.

The second presentation, titled IoT Unleashed, will offer specific ways to prepare for the IoT onslaught, will discuss the necessary product enhancements that manufacturers must soon provide, will cover the security impact of IoT, and will outline the similarities and differences between IoT and BYOD.  Other topics in this presentation include vertical market and network services (e.g. voice/location) impact, costs associated with IoT, and will showcase some data from analyst firms.

If you want a great start in understanding IoT in depth, these comprehensive webinars will be an hour well-spent. Missing these webinars could leaving you dreadfully unprepared for the soon-forthcoming tidal wave of devices entering the market.  No one else has concentrated so much directly-relevant IoT information into two 1-hour segments, and these webinars are being provided at no charge by Fluke Networks.  

Registration URL (June 26th)

Registration URL (July 24th)


IoT Webinar Series